August is traditionally the family holiday month in Spain. No different in Pozos, the population swells as families come to the village to rest, visit with family and friends, party, hike, garden, and enjoy Semana Cultural de Pozos! - a week long cultural event, organized by local residents, it includes music, games, food, crafts and entertainment.

One of the highlights of 2014's festivities was a theatre production put on by local residents called: Pozos Contra Roma. A beautiful production with costume and scenery changes. With one showing only it played to a full house with standing room only.

The Pozos Association hosted an unbelievable feast! Patatas con Chorizo, local queso  and jamón platters, potato salad and crusty village bread. Everyone participated in the picnic like atmosphere, loading up their plates and finding a shady spot to enjoy their food and family.