In our cooking with Esmeraldo blog series we are featuring summer tapas.  Always a favourite with locals, tourists and our guests, ❊pulpo á feira (octopus) is the first to disappear off their plate!

Getting ready for class, we buy Galician octopus,  pimentón de La Vera (smoked Spanish paprika), Nuñez De Prado organic extra virgin olive oil, and homegrown Pozos potatoes. To make a great dish with basic ingredients, it is important to source the best products. Buen provecho!

Pulpo á la Gallega - The Recipe

 A traditional Spanish Galician dish.

This dish is prepared by first boiling the octopus. Start by repeatedly dipping the octopus in and out of the boiling water, holding it by its head. In Pozos the magic dipping number is three! The objective of this operation is to curl the tips of the tentacles. After the octopus has been boiled, it is trimmed with scissors, sprinkled with coarse salt, Spanish Paprika and drizzled with extra virgen olive oil. Traditionally served on wooden plates, along with sliced boiled potatoes and bread.

Ingredients (four portions):

  • 1 octopus of 2 kilos - frozen
  • 500 grams of potatoes
  • Paprika
  • Spicy paprika
  • Salt
  • Olive oil


  • Defrost the Octopus the day before cooking in the fridge (put in a bowl because it will release a lot of liquid)
  • Add a 2 teaspoons of salt to the water. When the water begins to boil add the octopus. Grab it by its head and dip it in the boiling water three times. After the third time leave it in the boiling water and cook for 50 minutes.
  • Once cooked remove the pan from the stove and let it cool for 15 minutes, (with the Octopus still in the water).
  • Using the same water in which the Octopus was cooked, cook the potatoes (previously peeled and sliced). While they are  boiling, using kitchen scissors, cut the octopus into bite-sized pieces.
  • When the potatoes are cooked remove from the water. On a wooden platter arrange the potato slices and Octopus.
  • Drizzle extra virgen olive oil over the potatoes and Octopus. Sprinkle with Spanish paprika and coarse sea salt. Serve!