Chef Esmeraldo Oteruelo

Chef Esmeraldo Oteruelo

Chef Esmeraldo

Celebrity Chef, Esmeraldo Oteruelo has a passion for local, seasonal and organic foods. Born and raised in the village of Pozos, Spain, he grew up learning the techniques and methods of mixed farming in a village that was totally self sufficient. As a boy he was a shepherd; herding goats, sheep and cows, and a farm labourer; planting, threshing, plowing and harvesting wheat, flax, rye, vegetables, potatoes, apples, chestnuts, and walnuts. Thus began his love affair with food and the land.

Classically trained in Switzerland and Madrid, he decided to explore the world as a chef.  Esmeraldo has worked and lived in Switzerland, Spain, Canada, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan and China working for five star hotels, exclusive five star private clubs, opening new restaurants, creating gourmet wine dinners, and Spanish food promotions. Esmeraldo looks forward to cooking with you in Pozos, Spain.

Laura Leffingwell

Laura Leffingwell


Laura established Esme Tours in 2010. After travelling, visiting and living in Spain for the last twenty years, she has decided to share her favourite corner of the world with fellow travellers.

Over the years she has hosted family, friends and acquaintances in Pozos; sharing nature treks, sleeping under the stars, cooking and tasting traditional recipes, wandering through nearby villages, exploring markets, tasting unique  locally produced wine, cider and liqueurs and introducing first time visitors to the magical region known as La Cabrera. She looks forward to sharing the magic of Pozos with you.

Our Commitment to Responsible Tourism

We specialise in small groups to minimize our environmental impact. Fresh food is sourced locally and menus are dictated by the seasons. Bread and pastries come from family owned local bakeries. Local butchers supply lamb, goat, beef, rabbit and chicken. Garden produce is regionally grown along with legumes and lentils.

We promote the continued development of the rural population of La Cabrera and the surrounding area by buying from local markets, shops, and producers; and by highlighting local restaurants, museums and locally owned casas rurales and hotels.

On trekking/walking tours we subscribe to the principal, leave only footsteps behind. All trash is carried out.  Visits to local artisans promote local crafts and help to keep these traditions alive. Bookings and correspondence are done electronically avoiding paper use.

We believe responsible travel to natural areas should conserve the environment and improve the well-being of local people. 

We are strong supporters of the Slow Food movement, responsible tourism, and taking steps to have a low environmental impact.